The Top 5 Technology Related News Sources of 2018

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As a tech enthusiast, I’m continually keeping updated on the technology news that not only interest me but improves my quality of life. Most mornings and late nights, I can be found searching for new videos and scrolling through apps to find the latest content. Today I want to share with you the top 5 news apps that help me stay up to date with the latest news from the tech world.

My Top 5 Favorite News Apps on macOS and iOS

  1. YouTube – YouTube is my number 1 source for all things tech-related! The ability to subscribe to channels, combined with cross-platform apps, makes this the most accessible service for me to use. I’m usually watching these channels from my MacBook Pro, which is stationed at my desk most of the time, the Apple TV in my room or on my iPad. Click Here to see my Top 5 Technology Related YouTube Channels of 2018.
  2. Google – Unless I know exactly which website I’m going to, I rarely open Safari on my iPhone, instead, I use the Google app. As an avid Google search and GSuite user, the company has built quite a profile on what interests me, not to mention the data that they collect via YouTube. Therefore, upon launching the Google app, I’m welcomed with a screen that includes news stories that I might be interested in reading.
  3. Apple News – For the last month and a half, I have been running the public beta of macOS Mojave, which introduces the ability to modify iOS apps for the Mac by porting their News and Stocks apps. Prior to using Mojave, I hadn’t given Apple News much thought; however, I have very much enjoyed this app on the Mac, and I’ve started to use it on my iOS devices as well.
  4. Twitter – Twitter is great for following multiple companies and media outlets, such as CNET and 9to5 Mac. The feed enables me to have quick and easy access to news from the brands and media that most interest me.
  5. Facebook – Similar to Twitter, most brands and tech news channels have Facebook pages. I’ve ranked Twitter higher on this list due to my personal use preferences. I tend to use Twitter solely to follow brands and people in the public sphere, while I use Facebook and Instagram for personal connections as well as to grow my business.

What are your favorite sources to consume your technology related news? Let me know in the comments or Click Here to send me a message!

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