Overcoming Challenges: A Conversation with Allan Wich

Allan Wich Interview

Blake interviews Allan Wich who is an author, coach, and co-host of the Think Bold, Be Bold podcast. Please join Blake and Allan as they discuss challenges that they’ve overcome and how they are using those experiences to be relatable in their personal and professional relationships.

Meet Allan

Allan is the founder of the Prospecting Mastery Institute, Meridian Coaching, co-author of the book ‘The Change’, author of the book ’10 Pillars of Recruiting Mastery’ and author of the book ‘Leaving An Impression’. Though best known for my team and business development expertise coupled with personal coaching within architecture, real-estate development, dot.com start-up and the SOHO communities, he strives to continually be a needle mover within the industry of network marketing because of my desire to help elevate the entire industry and its reputation upon the mindset of the general public as well as traditional business sectors.

Allan assists Entrepreneurs (including MLM Distributors & Direct Sellers) and start-ups to create and position their relevance and relate-ability on the top of their industry. Allan also mentors business owners, ‘needle movers’ and those with a student mindset.

You can contact Allan through these mediums:


Email: allan@allanwich.com

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